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Focus groups of value concepts of organic producers and other stakeholders

The Organic Revision project was funded by the EU with the aim of supporting the further development of the EU Regulation 2092/91 on organic production. The technical annex to the project contract argues that it is important in this process to improve the understanding, knowledge and communication of the basic ethical values of organic agriculture.

The project aims to provide an overview of values held among organic stakeholders, and of similarities and differences among the various national and private organic standards.

The work presented in this report contributes to these objectives. It summarises focus group discussions about values among organic and converting producers and other stakeholders that were conducted in five European countries during 2004 and early 2005.

It then contrasts these results with other findings, in particular with work about values of organic consumers. from the OMIARD project.

Finally, the report provides some recommendations for revision of the EU Regulation 2092/91

Read the article in the Organic Revision newsletter

Read the main text of the report (PDF)

If you are interested in the details of the method of the study you can download discussion guide and the structure of codes for analysis.
- Annex A: Discussion Guide (PDF)

Annex B Code-structure revised (PDF)

National reports

A total of 25 focus groups were conducted, and the results were summarised and analysed at national level.

The national reports are available below (PDF). Some of the reports are in the original language.


The studies have in some cases been presented via posters. These are available below.