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News from Organic Revision

Preliminary reports

One of the objectives of Organic Revision is to provide more knowledge on how to achieve 100 % organic rations in diets for livestock. As a part of this work two preliminary reports have been published at the Organic Revision website.

Possibilities and limitations of protein supply

The first report "Possibilities and limitations of protein supply in organic poultry and pig production" provides an overview of the many different aspects of protein supply in organic poultry and pig production.

The report describes the objectives of organic livestock production and sets out the differences to animal nutrition in conventional agriculture. This is followed by a description of protein accretion in organic compared with conventional livestock production and potential protein sources in organic systems. The following sections describe the situation in relation to protein supply and implications for ration formulation for different groups of poultry and pigs in organic systems. This is supplemented with a discussion about the effect on product quality. Finally, the report outlines strategies that could help to meet the challenge of 100% organic diets in the form of preliminary conclusions and recommendations.

The report is prepared by Albert Sundrum and team at University of Kassel, Witzenhausen

Supply and demand for organic feed

The other preliminary report examines supply and demand for concentrated organic feed in the EU, with a particular focus on protein sources for mono-gastric animals. Apart from providing an overview of the balance between supply and demand of organic feed cereals, home-grown pulses and high quality protein sources for two years, the aim of the report is to set out data sources, assumptions and procedures that were used to assess the availability of protein sources for 100% organic diets for pigs and poultry.

The report "Overview of supply and demand for concentrated organic feed in the EU in 2002 and 2003 with a particular focus on protein sources for mono-gastric animals" is prepared by Susanne Padel, UWA

Your input to the investigation

As scientific data in both areas are very limited, the project will be very grateful for suggestions of relevant literature and other studies, which are not mentioned in the reports.

Furthermore, we will be grateful to receive descriptions of cases, which illustrate the possibilities or the obstacles for achieving 100% organic feeding.

Inputs and suggestions should be given before June 30 2005, as the final report is expected to be published in September 2005.

You are most welcome to use the discussion forum, which has been set up at OrganicForum (www.organicforum.org).