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News from Organic Revision

Proposal for new EU Regulation

The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a new regulation on organic production. The aim of the new regulation is to improve clarity for both consumers and farmers, and according to the commission, the new rules will be simpler, and allow a certain amount of flexibility to take account of regional differences in climate and conditions.

Organic Revision has prepared discussion papers on the amendment of the organic principles in the EU regulation and a proposal for improved structure for the EU regulation.

Rules and values at the joint European organic congress

In May 2006 the Organic revision project will participate in the joint European organic congress. Among others the project will organize three sessions on "What should be the rule?" The subtitle for the theme is "Rules and values in relation to the development of organic agriculture".

However, presentations at the theme should not be from the project participants alone. Stakeholders and researchers from outside the project are most welcome to submit papers and to join the discussion at the meetings.