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News from Organic Revision

Recommendations for the revision of the Council regulation on organic production

In December 2005 the EU Commission adopted a proposal for a new Council regulation on organic production.

The aim of the new regulation is to improve clarity for both consumers and farmers. However, stakeholders have raised questions and expressed various concerns in regards to the proposed regulation.

In order to address these questions and concerns the Organic Revision project has identified three contested areas that will be further analysed in the coming period:

  • How local is local – the issue of distant trade
  • Organic (in)dependency – inputs and integrity of OA
  • Intensification of organic food and farming – animal health & welfare, product quality

In order to accommodate the most urgent needs, the project (Alrøe and Padel) has provided preliminary comments on Title II of the EC Proposal.

The conclusions are in short:

  • The term "objectives and principles" should be defined in article 2
  • It should be considered to extend Title II to cover the whole food chain including trade
  • Objectives (Art. 3) should be broader. It should include point 5 and 17 in the explanatory memorandum, Article 5b, as well as social objectives
  • Principles (Art. 4) should include a systems approach as first priority and not only focus on input
  • Organic actors and other stakeholders should be involved in formulating objectives and principles
  • Further comments must depend on change in objectives etc

The above issues will be thorough discussed at the Joint European organic Congress held in Odense, Denmark on May 30 – 31, 2006. You are welcome to join the discussions.

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