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Feed materials and feed additives for monogastric organic livestock

The objective of workpackage 4 is to provide knowledge on how to achieve 100 per cent organic rations in diets for organic livestock by.

This is to be done by:

  • Identifying constraints related to the restrictions in the availability of limiting amino acids for pigs and poultry in relation to animal health, product quality, productivity and economics

  • Evaluating the availability of limiting amino acids, including the various strategies used to deal with the restrictions in different European member and candidate countries.


Report on possibilities and limitations of protein supply in organic poultry and pig production

Overview of supply and demand for concentrated organic feed in the EU in 2002 and 2003 with a particular focus on protein sources for mono-gastric animals

How can we achieve 100% organic diets for pigs and poultry?

Expected results

A report on evaluation criteria for including conventional feed stuffs and feed additives in Annex II C & D and guidance notes to operators producers

For more information please contact

Albert Sundrum, UNKA, (WP manager)

Susanne Padel, UWA (WP co-manager)