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Organic Revision workshop at Biofach 2007

In order to provide an overview of project results, the Organic Revision project conducted a dissemination seminar at BioFach 2007 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Below an overview of the seminar topics are given. For each speaker it is possible to download the presentation.

The EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, ms. Mariann Fischer Boel, opened the BioFach fair. Se the opening address.

Principles, definition and challenges of organic production

Integrating basic values into organic standards

Recommendations for harmonisation, simplification and regionalisation of standards

Recommendations for evaluation of the organic seed derogation regime


During the discussion several issues were raised. However, time did not allow for a thorough discussion, which is reflected in the following discussion points.

Definition of organic

In the presentation on the IFOAM principles, it was mentioned that a task force under IFOAM is working on a definition of organic agriculture.

Participants pointed out that there was a need for such a definition in the new EU Regulation. Furthermore, it was added that the definition should cover all stages of organic production, which means that not only agriculture, but also organic processing and production, should be included.


The difficulties of harmonizing very different standards were discussed. For example, the pullet production based on veranda systems as in the Netherlands are not easy to harmonise with real open access systems as in Denmark.


One of the findings of the Organic Revision is that there are sufficient amounts of organic feed available in the EU. The availability are not necessarily at the national level, but at the regional level (across borders). However, the trade of feed over borders causes a lot of problems for the inspection bodies.


Ms. Daniele Tissot, DG Research, European Commission chaired the seminar.