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Workshop presentations
at Biofach

The organic Revision project was involved in two workshops at Biofach in February 2005.

The first workshop focused on basic principles in organic production, and it was held together with the IFOAM task force.

The second workshop focused on harmonization of organic standards in relation to the EU-regulation of organic agriculture.

In order to give preliminary information on the findings of Organic Revision, the presentations given at the workshops, has been uploaded to the Organic Revision website:

Principles of organic agriculture

Consultation on review Principles of Organic Agriculture

The role of ecological justice
By Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe, DARCOF

Values of organic producers: Results of focus groups
By Susanne Padel, University of Wales Aberystwyth

Harmonising the regulation in the EU

Overview of harmonization problems with inputs in organic plant production
By C. Micheloni, AIAB & B. Speiser, FIBL

100% Organic feed: supply and demand in Europe
By Susanne Padel, University of Wales,

Consequences of 100% organic diets for pigs and poultry
By Albert Sundrum, University of Kassel

Database of national and international organic standards
By Otto Schmid et al, FIBL